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Why your game need a unique AUDIO IDENTITY ?

With the indie games boom in the last few years, making a reasonable game is not enough, because there's so many other games on the market. Press and players are bombarded with all theses games than needs attentions.

But with a unique audio identity, you can make the difference and create a unique link with the player.

And that's my job.


Hello There !

I'm Aurelien Montero and I'm an International Music Composer & Sound-Designer based in Paris, France. I'm currently working on many interesting projects including  dont_forget_me, Propaganda, or some secret cool projects.

 - If you are a developer in need of music tailored for your project, sound-design, audio implementation, and want to make things sound incredible...

Or, If you don't want to micromanage the audio aspect and be left with more free time and without any confusion: 


You've come to the right place.

I'm also doing some talks about Game Audio & Music on Youtube, events & in conferences, trying to spread knowledge and demystifying the Audio World.




Music with a true emotional impact, connecting audiences to the story, to the world you want to make real for them.

Using Interactive Music and all kind of Music Genre. Just for your awesome project !


Having a complete world of unique sounds is what every Developer, Director or Producer wants. With tailor-made sounds, with an audio identity.

And that's what I want to provide on your project.


You may want to use a specific Game Engine like Unity, Unreal, Construct2. Or a specific Audio Middleware like Wwise, FMOD or Fabric.

Having a person who can use Interactive Audio and having a full Audio Implementation.

And if you want an expert with all these things, you may want me on your project !


Providing you a complete cinematic with Sound-design, Music, Editing and Mixing in multiple format with a very unique sounds is my goal.

If your game needs a unique sounding cinematic, just send me an email !


Virtual reality is an emergent technology and I worked hard on several projects, to be able to give an highly experienced in VR Projects.

Giving the best Audio for your Virtual Experience is important.



Using a lot of DAW (Ableton Live, Reaper, Audition, Protools) I can deliver complete sessions, rendered files or any relevant materials. I will work closely with you to make sure you have everything, you and your team need.

Using GIT, SVN, Google Drive or Wetransfer is my thing.

Communication is important during all the production. I'm very involved with your development team. Communicating with Programmers, Game Designers and artists to get the best sound possible.

Just, take a listen...

Listen more...


Tell me more about your game

If you want to contact me about a new project or anything else, you can contact me with this form !

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