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Why your game need a unique AUDIO IDENTITY ?

With the indie games boom in the last few years, making a reasonable game is not enough, because there's so many other games on the market. Press and players are bombarded with all theses games than needs attentions.

But with a unique audio identity, you can make the difference and create a unique link with the player.

And that's my job.


Hello There !

I'm Aurelien Montero and I'm an International Music Composer based in Paris, France. I'm currently working on many interesting projects like don't forget me.

 - If you are a developer in need of music tailored for your project and want to make things sound incredible...

Or, If you don't want to micromanage the audio aspect and be left with more free time and without any confusion: 


You've come to the right place.

I'm also doing some talks about Game Audio & Music on Youtube, events & in conferences, trying to spread knowledge and demystifying the Audio World.


You're an indie dev ?

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